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Current Position - Post-doctoral fellowship


Understanding and quantifying the impact of land use changes in soil erosion over the past century along the Loire Valley, by using sediment deposits in small head-water catchments. 


"METEOR" Research project (BRGM Orléans - LSCE Gif-sur-Yvette - GéHCo Tours) funded by the Loire-Brittany Water Agency. Supported by Sébastien Salvador-Blanés, Olivier Evrard, Olivier Cerdan & Rosalie Vandromme



PhD Thesis


"Reconstruction of sediment supply in intensivly cultivated lowlands: sources, pathways and sediment storage in the Louroux catchment (France)" Link

  supported by Marc Desmet & Sébastien Salvador-Blanés

  funded by the Loire-Brittany Water Agency


Abstract:  We have implemented an integrated multi-parameter approach allowing to track the sediment dynamics in a drained lowland area by starting from the sources of sediment to their accumulation in a sedimentary receptacle: the middle-age Louroux pond. The aims of this study are (i) to quantify at long (approx. 60 years) and short time scales (<10 years) the evolution of the erosion rate in the hillslope in link with the increase of the anthropogenic pressures (land consolidation, implementation of the drain network, ditches design), (ii) to track the origin of sediment reaching the pond, (iii) to identify and quantify the main source of sediment collected in sediment cores, on the main streams and at drain outlets.


Publications (Link to Researchgate)



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