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> Laboratoire GéoHydrosystèmes COntinentaux
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Localisation : Grandmont Bulding E
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Current position: Post-doc fellowship

Evidence surrogates to P concentrations, based on high-frequency datasets.

Define the best monitoring strategies to estimate P fluxes in little agicultural catchments (Brittany).

Understand P transfers from soils to hydrosystems.


'Trans-P' Research project (INRA Rennes, Geosciences Rennes, GéHCO Tours)



PhD thesis

"Analyzing and Modelling Eutrophication in the Loire River"

  supervised by Florentina Moatar, Florence Curie and Nathalie Gassama.


Identify interannual and seasonal trends of different eutrophication metrics.
Decipher at a high frequency the biogeochemical processes involved.
Develop a numerical model of eutrophication in the Middle and Lower Loire at a very fine time and space resolution.


'Eutrophication Trends' Project

Funds: Etablissement Public Loire, FEDER (European Union), Agence de l'Eau Loire Bretagne

Associated labs: EPOC (Bordeaux), UMR Sisyphe (Paris VI), B.E. Bi-Eau (Angers), B.E. Rive (Chinon)





Poster :


Minaudo C., Gassama N., Moatar F., Coynel A., Etcheber H., Gorse L., Gosse P. 2014. What are the physical and biological controls of water quality in the eutrophic River Loire? Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface, Paris 2014




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