Laurence Girolami

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Structure : UFR de Sciences et Techniques
> Département Géosciences environnement
> Laboratoire GéoHydrosystèmes COntinentaux
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Localisation : Building E - Office 0180
Téléphone : +(33) 02 47 36 70 05
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Geophysicist - Dynamics of geophysical mass flows 


> Scientific projects
  • Rheology and dynamics of sub-marine avalanches, Project MAGIC (''Modélisation Analogique de Glissements et Incision de Canyons'', Funding : Région Centre-Val de Loire, Principal Investigator). 

  • Evolution of a river bed under extreme conditions, Project STAR (''Sediment Transfer in Anthropized Rivers'', Funding : FEDER-AELB, Principal Investigator).  
© Geosciences.univ-tours.frDifferent steps of the projects combining small- and large-scale modeling.       
        * Co-workers           

              - DR. Frédéric Risso (CNRS Researcher, Physicist at IMFT, Toulouse).

              - Ahmad Amin (Master Degree at LEGI, Grenoble, PhD Student at GéHCO).

              - Dr. Romain Morini (Physicist, Research Engineer at GéHCO - Now : Post-doc at LPMC, Nice).

              - Florian Godet (Research Engineer at GéHCO - Now : École des Mines de Saint-Etienne).  

              - Killian Conan (Undergraduate Student at the Department of Geosciences, Tours).


> Research interests : Explosive volcanic eruptions, Avalanches, Dunes
  • Dynamics of gas-fluidized granular flows (i.e. explosive volcanic eruptions such as pyroclastic flows)

  • Dynamics of dry granular flows (i.e grain-avalanches)

  • Dynamics of liquid-sheared granular flows (i.e. evolution of sand ripples and dunes)


 Numerical, experimental and theoretical modeling of dry, gas-fluidized and liquid-sheared granular flows.                            

 Field Activities

  • The dynamics of lahars and mufdflows on the Prêcheur River (Montagne Pelée, Martinique)

  • Understanding the detachment processes developed in pyroclastic density currents (Mt Unzen, Japan)
  • Reconstitution of explosive eruptions from ignimbritic deposits (Villarica, South-Andes, Chili)
  • Dynamics of active plumbing systems (Vesuvius and Aeolian Islands, Italy)
 > Teaching activities
  • The Physics of Earth Interior

  • Physical volcanology
  • Coastal & Marine Geosciences (Dynamics of continental margins)
  • Natural Hazards (Short-lived gravity-driven flows)

       *  Responsability of the 1st year of the Bachelor's Degree (Licence 1)


 > Collective achievements
  • 2018: Scientific Commitee Member of "1st International Symposium on Mechanics" (Aberdeen, UK)
  • Reviewer for Physics of FluidsApplied Mathematical Modelling, Int. Journal of Multiphase Flows

        Workshops at "Fête de la sciences"

  • 2016 : "Walking on a fluid surface ?" (i.e. The surprising behaviour of non-newtonian fluids) 

  • 2015 : "The physics of a sand heap" (i.e Granular matters : between fluids and solids)
  • 2014 : "Small is beautiful" (i.e. Dynamics of micro-rivers 

> Education
  • 2014-2012 : Postdoc (Fluid Dynamics) at "Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse" (IMFT), with F. Charru & J.D. Sherwood at "Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics" (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK). 

  • 2012-2011 : JSPS Fellow (Volcanology) at "Geological Survey of Japan" (CSJ, Tsukuba, Japan), with S. Takarada and at "Center for Geohazards Studies" (CGS, Buffalo, USA), with E.S. Calder.

  • 2011-2010 : Assistant Professor (Geosciences) at "Géosciences et Environnement" (GEC, Cergy).

  • 2010-2009 : Postdoc (Solid Mechanics) at "Institut Français du Pétrole" (IFP, Paris), with A. Wachs.

  • 2008-2004 : PhD (Volcanology) at "Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans" (LMV, Clermont), with T.H. Druitt.

  • 2004-2003 : Master (Geophysics) at "Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris" (IPGP), with C. Jaupart.

> List of publications

  • L. Girolami, J. D. Sherwood and F. Charru (2016) Dynamics of a slowly-varying sand bed in a circular pipe, International Journal of Multiphase Flows, 81, 113-129.

  • L. Girolami, T. H. Druitt and O. Roche (2015) Towards a quantitative understanding of pyroclastic flows : Effects of expansion on the dynamics of laboratory fluidized granular flows, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 296, 31-39.

  • G. F. Bertrand, H. Celle-Jeanton, F. Huneau, A. Baillieux, G. Mauri, V. Lavastre, G. Undereiner, L. Girolami and J.S. Moquet (2015) Vulnerability of volcanic aquifers : evaluation of contaminant transfer and hydrodispersive parameters in basaltic lava flows through an artificial tracer test and implications for long-term water supply management, Open Geosciences, doi:10.1515/geo-2015-0037.

  • L. Girolami, A. Wachs and G. Vinay (2013) Unchannelized dam-break flows : effects of the lateral spreading on the flow dynamics, Physics of Fluids, 25, doi:10.1063/1.4799 129.

  • A. Wachs, L. Girolami, G. Vinay and G. Ferrer (2012) GRAINS3D, a flexible DEM approach for particles of arbitrary convex shape : numerical model and validations, Powder Technology, doi :10.1016/j.powtec.2012.03.023.

  • L. Girolami, V. Hergault, G. Vinay and A. Wachs (2012) A Three-dimensional DEM for the simulation of dam-break granular collapses : comparison between numerical results and experiments, Granular Matter, doi:10.1007/s10035-012-0342-3.

  • L. Girolami, O. Roche, T. H. Druitt and T. Corpetti (2010) Particle velocity fields and depositional processes in laboratory ash flows, with implications for the sedimentation of dense pyroclastic flows, Bulletin of Volcanology, doi:10.1007/s00445-010-0356-9.

  • A. Wachs, G. Vinay, G. Ferrer, J. Kouakou, C. Dan and L. Girolami (2009) PeliGRIFF : a parallel Discrete Element Method-Distributed Lagrange Multiplier/ Fictitious Domain for a direct numerical simulation of particulate flows with collisions, International Journal of Mechanical Systems Science and Engineering, 1 (4), 185-191.

  • L. Girolami, T. H. Druitt, O. Roche and Z. Khrabrykh (2008) Transport and hindered settling of laboratory ash flows, Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, doi:10.1029/ 2007JB005074.

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