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Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2024


Pannard, A., Minaudo, C., Leitao, M., Abonyi, A., Moatar, F., Gassama, N. 2024. Meroplanktic phytoplankton plays a crucial role in responding to peak discharge events in the middle lowland section of the river Loire (France). Hydrobiologia, 851:869-895.


Lefebvre, K., Barbecot, F., Larocque, M., Gibert-Brunet, E., Gillon, M., Noret, A., Delbart, C. Using 222Rn to quantify wetlands interflow volume and qualitydischarging to headwater streams. Ap. Geochem., 169, 106037.


Magny M., Morin E., Vérot A., Richard H., Marguet A., Brigand R., Gabayet F., Hinschberger F., Mouthon J., Thirault E. 2024. Holocene paleohydrological changes reflected in lake-level fluctuations in Lake Annecy (French Pre-Alps): climatic significance and archeological implications. Quaternary 7, 25


Eyrolle, F., Chaboche, P.A., Lepage, H., Nicoulaud, V., Boyer, P., DeVismes, A., Seignmatin, G., Chastanet, M., Claval, D., Copard, Y., Coynel, A., Debret, M., Delus, C., Euzen, C., Gardes, T., Giner, F., Gurriaran, R., Grenz, C., Grosbois, C., Huault, L., Lestel, L., Losson, B., Montarges-Pelletier, E., Morereau, A., Mourier, B., Ollive, V., Papillon, L, Schafer, J., Schmitt, L., Sempere, R., Winiarski, T., Zebracki, M., Evrard, O. 2024. Temporal trajectories of artificial radiocaesium 137Cs in 1 French rivers over the nuclear era reconstructed from 2 sediment cores. Scientific Reports, in press.


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Bréhéret, J.G., Deconinck, J.F. 2024. Comments on "Environmental and climatic controls of the clay mineralogy of Albian deposits in the Paris and Vocotian basins (France)" (Cretaceous Res. 108 (2020) 104342) and "Astronomical calibration of the OAE1b from the Col de Pré-Guittard section (Aptian-Albian) Vocontian basin" (Cretaceous Res. 150 (2023) 105618). Cretaceous Res., 157, 105826.



Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2023


Girolami L., Bonelli S., Valois R., Chaouch N., Burgat J. 2023. On internal erosion of the pervious foundation of flood protection dikes. Water, 15, 3747


Pacini P., Adatte T., Barré P., Boussafir M., Bouton N., Cécillon L., Lamoureux-Var V., Sebag D., Verrecchia E., Wattripont A., Baudin F. 2023. Reproducibility of Rock-Eval® thermal analysis for soil organic matter characterization. Organic Geochemistry 186, 104687


Gaillot, A., Salvador-Blanes, S., Cerdan, O., Vanhooydonck, P.,Grangeon, T., Desmet, M., Delbart, C. 2023. Hydrosedimentary behavior of a field combining surface drains and tile drains. Soil & Tillage Research 234, 105851.


Guejjoud, H.,Curie, F., Grosbois, C. 2023. Analyzing a century of agricultural phosphorus surplus and its long-term  key drivers in France. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10705-023-10300-1


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Marquet, J.C., Freiesleben, T.H.,Thomsen K. J., Murray A.S., Calligaro M., Macaire J.J., Robert E,
Lorblanchet M., Aubry T., Bayle G., Breheret J.G.,CamusH., Chareille P., Egels Y., Guillaud E.,
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Hou, S., Wang, J., Dai, J., Boussafir, M., Zhang, C. 2023. Combined effects of earthworms and biochar on PAHs-contaminated soil remediation: A review, Soil Ecology Letter, 5, 2, 220158


Landemaine V., Cerdan O., Grangeon T, Vandromme R., Laignel B., Evrard O., Salvador-Blanes S., Laceby J.P.. 2023. Saturation-excess overland flow in the European loess belt: An underestimated process ? Intern. Soil and water conservation, in press.


Gaillot A., Delbart C., Salvador-Blanes S., Vanhooydonck P., Desmet M., Grangeon T., Noret A., Cerdan O. 2023. Analysis of seasonal variation in the hydrological behaviour of a field combining surface and tile drainage. Agricult. Water Management, 285, 108329.


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Labat, D., Mazzilli, N., Arfib, B, Bailly-Compte, V., Batiotguilhe, C., Binet, S., Celle, H., Danneville, L., Delbart, C. et al. 2023. Le service national d'Observation KARST : pour un suivi long terme des aquifères karstiques face aux nouveaux extrêmes climatiques. Karstologia, 80, 31-40.



Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2022


Magny M., Verot A., Morin E., Richard H., Hinschberger F., Marguet A., Brigant R., Gabayet F. 2022. Variations du niveau du lac d'Annecy (Haute Savoie, France) au cours de l'Holocène : implications paléoclimatiques et archéologiques. Quaternaire, 33 (3), 169-192.


Dendeviel, A.M., Grosbois, C., Ayrault, S., Evrard, O., Coynel, A., Debret, M., Gardes, T., Euzen, C., Schmitt, L., Chabaux, F., Winiarsky, T., Van Der Perk, M., Mourier, B. 2022. Key factors influencing metal concentrations in sediments along Western European rivers : a long-term monitoring study (1945-2020). Sci.Tot. Env., 805, 149778.


Copard, Y., Eyrolle, F., Grosbois, C., Lepage, H., Ducros, L., Morereau, A., Bodereau, N., Cossonnet, C., Desmet, M. 2022. The unravelling of radiocarbon composition of organic carbon in river sediments to document past anthropogenic impacts on river systems. Sci. Tot. Env., https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150890


Dhivert, E., Phuong, N.N., Mourier, B., Grosbois, C., Gaspéri, J. 2022. Microplastic trapping in dam reservoirs driven by complex hydrosedimentary processes (Villerest Reservoir, Loire River, France). Water Research, 225, 119187.


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Seyedhashemi, H., Vidal, J.P., Diamond, J., Thiéry, D., Monteil, C. 2022.  Regional, multi-decadal analysis on the Loire River basin reveals that stream temperature increases faster than air temperature. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2022, 26 (9), pp.2583-2603.


Dhivert, E., Dendeviel, A.M., Desmet, M., Devillers, B., Grosbois, C. 2022. Hydro-sedimentary dysfunctions as a key factor for the 1 storage of contaminants in mountain rivers (Bienne 2 River, Jura Mountains, France). Catena, 213, 106122.


Picard, C., Floury, M., Seyedhashemi, H., Morel, M., Pella, H., Lamouroux, N., Buisson, L., Moatar, F., Maire, A. 2022. Direct habitat descriptors improve the understanding of the organization of fish and macroinvertebrate communities across a large catchment. Plos ONE, 9, 0274167.


Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2021


Igarza, M., Boussafir, M., Graco, M., Sifeddine, A., Valdés, J., Gutiérrez D. 2021. Petrographical and

geochemical characteristics of organic matter from surface sediments along the Peruvian Continental Margin. Marine Chemistry, 235, 104004.


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protocol, results and limitations–The Upper Loire River basin (France). Waters, 13, 1845.

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Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2020


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Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2019


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Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2018


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Publications internationales à comité de lecture - année 2017


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